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Catriona McLaughlin is a Graphic and Digital Designer specialising in design for print, web and all things digital.

Her areas of expertise include print design, web design, social media, HTML email design, eLearning, typography and layout design. She has a passion for creativity, colour, a lovely slice of lemon drizzle cake and is a self-confessed aesthete.

Right now, she's working towards a Masters degree, studying MA Graphic Design at Falmouth University.

Catriona has a BA Hons in Textile Design, in addition to an HND in Interactive Media. During her time as a textiles undergraduate, she became increasingly interested in digital design and learning about the possibilities programs such as Adobe Photoshop could offer. After graduation, she developed her knitwear accessories business and it was through working on the branding, marketing and web designs for WildCat Designs that she discovered a love of graphic design. This led to completing a diploma in Interactive Media and subsequently to pursuing the interest as a full-time vocation.

She currently lives in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland but spent several years living abroad in Europe, an experience which probably explains her love of travel and learning about different cultures. (Not to mention the fact that she speaks French, German and a dash of Flemish.) When Catriona's not designing things, she enjoys cycling, crafting, blogging and photography.

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